Constructing the Stu Smith Jnr 2007 World Final winning car

I thought that regular visitors to this site would be interested in a glimpse behind the scenes of a model in the course of construction namely, the 2007 World Championship winning car of 390/1 Stu Smith Jnr.

Stu's father was the late, great stock car legend 391/1 Stu Smith Snr and his brother is multiple World Champion 391/1 Andy Smith. Both were hard acts to follow but Stu Jnr is very much his own man, livening up the raceways with his no fear, no holds barred style of driving.

He made his debut in 2001 and the family trademark skills were quickly evident during that first season, culminating in a second place finish in the Final at Northampton in October. In the years since, Stu has put together an impressive racing CV:

39 Final wins (as at 23rd April 2017)

2007 World Champion (continuing an incredible family tradition)

2008 Grand National Champion & British Champion

2009 National Series Champion (silver roof)

2014 UK Open Champion 

and in the All Season National Grading Points Championship his finishes have been equally splendid:

2003: 10th, 2004: 3rd, 2005: 6th, 2006: 5th, 2007: 3rd, 2008: 2nd, 2009: 2nd, 2010: 13th, 2011: 8th, (2012 & 2013 did not compete), 2014: 10th, 2015: 10th, 2016: 17th

(the above statistics up to the end of the 2016 season)

But back to the model of the 2007 WF winning car.

Immediately after the World Final at Kings Lynn I went on holiday and was unable to acquire the many photographs I needed of the No 1 car sporting the gold roof. Fortunately, my son Simon came to the rescue and I am grateful to him for some excellent shots taken at the subsequent Belle Vue meeting. He knows, from experience, the angles and close-ups I must have to help with building the model.

Below are some pictures showing the early stages of construction - the chassis, the bodywork and finally after an initial coat of paint.

On my return from holiday, I made further progress with the model and below are pictures showing the addition of a coachline, the chequered flag to the bonnet and then signwriting to the bonnet.





Other pictures show further signwriting to both sides of the car, the wheels after cutting out and sanding, the blank aerofoil before painting and signwriting and the car's accessories before fitting.





The model was finished after 75 plus hours of building and signwriting.

Below is a pic of the finished car alongside a model of his brother Andy's World winning car from 2006.


Below are models of the Smith Dynasty of World Champions.