I would like to acknowledge with thanks the information gleaned from the following publications all of which I can thoroughly recommend:

BriSCA Formula One : The First 50 Years 1954-2004 by Keith Barber

Stock Car Magazine: 1967 to the present day

1954 - 2003 Fifty Years of F1 Stock Car Racing - The Tracks, The Drivers, The Records, The History by Malc Aylott

1954 - 2008 Fifty-Five Years of BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing History by Malc Aylott

Stock Car Numbers (A reference guide to the racing numbers used on UK F1 Stock Cars)  1957 - 2007 by John & Mike Greenwood & Granville Holmes

The Paul Broderick & Kevin Sharp website at www.BriSCAF1Stox.co.uk is a statistical goldmine of historical information

The Official History of F1 StockCar Racing - 60th Season Final Fact Book by Nigel Anderson & Guy Parker

Stock Car Racing News magazines: 1960-1967

Stock Car Supporter magazines: 1967-1986

Ricky James Shootout Points data on stoxnet.