Dozens of photographs are required of the full-sized car to provide the close up details needed for construction and painting, particularly the sign writing. This is to ensure the finished model replicates as closely as possible the original car. In recent years, a digital camera has made this task more convenient.

Each model can take up to 70 hours to build and paint. The models are approximately 1/28th scale. They are 14cm long and 9.5cm tall.

This photo is an example of two of my Danny Clarke (203) models next to a £1 coin and a 50p coin to provide a better idea of the size of each car.


The body and chassis are constructed from flat and strip balsa wood. The axles and front window grill are metal and the aerofoil is formed from plastic card. Balsa cement and Uhu glue are used to fit it all together and the paint used is Humbrol enamel.

A lot of time goes into replicating the sign writing. Over the years the quality and expertise applied to painting the full-size cars has been very impressive. While every effort is made to follow closely the original signwriting, it can be very tricky given the much smaller scale. So my apologies to any of the sport's excellent sign writers who may not immediately recognize their work on my models.