My name is Colin Moss. For over 34 years I have been making scratch-built models of BriSCA F1 Stock Cars from sheet and strip balsa wood. After construction each car is painstakingly painted and sign-written to reproduce, in miniature, as close a replica as possible of the original, full size car.

I have 137 model cars in my collection and they span the history of the sport from inception in 1954 to the present. It includes all the World Championship winning cars and those of many famous personalities.

This is not a commercial site and I do not make models to order.

My intentions are to share my model collection with a wider audience and in so doing, stir the memories of long standing supporters and demonstrate the evolution this remarkable sport has enjoyed from the stripped down road cars of the 1950's to the purpose-built racing machines of today.

I will be updating my site with features, tributes, memorabilia and various models from my collection so please feel free to return and take a trip down memory lane. Your comments on the style and content of the site or any questions you may have regarding my model collection will be welcome.

Use the on site email facility to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you recognise me from my picture at a stock car meeting, come and say hello.